DHS Band and Choir create a Winter Wonderland

Band and Choir perform a Winter Wonderland Concert


The De Soto High School band and choir came together to have a holiday themed winter concert on Dec. 13. They switched off between band and choir throughout the concert.  

After marching band season the band was divided into two bands; white and green. During the white band’s performance, they performed the song Hallelujah Chorus while the choir sang. While the choir sang O Come, All Ye Faithful the green band performed along with them. 

Sophomore choir student Kennedy Tilley enjoyed performing with the band because it added more memories and made the concert more fun and enjoyable.

“Singing with the band added an extra element to the music and it made it [the concert] more memorable and enjoyable for everyone,” Tilley said. 

Tilley’s favorite song was That’s What Christmas Means To Me My Love because it was fun for her to see everyone sing and dance along because it is a well known song.

“It’s a song a lot of people know it’s fun to sing and dance to and it gets the crowd moving and laughing along,” Tilley said.

Senior baritone player Mason Laney believed that both of the bands worked very hard and showed that hard work very well in the concert. 

“I liked seeing all the hard work put into the concert pay off and being able to play in front of an audience,” Laney said. 

Laney liked the song Greensleeves because he had his own solo. He also liked The Eighth Candle because it challenged him.

In the song A Christmas Tale, there was a narration part to be played during the song. Junior Caden Dobosz was the narrator. He had a perfectly deep voice for this position. 

Senior french horn player Kendan Powers’ favorite part about the concert was listening to Dobosz narrating the song because he did a very good job. 

“My favorite part was Caden narrating Krampus; there was a part that required a narration from a deep voiced guy, and Caden did it perfectly,” Powers said. 

This combined band and choir concert was full of laughter, christmas cheer, and fun christmas songs.