Drama class performing play over Zoom


students in online class over zoom

Ashton Hoffman, Staff reporter

With the De Soto School District’s new remote learning environment, activities that would normally be performed at De Soto High School are being done over zoom. A drama class at DHS is going to be performing a play online. They are hoping to perform it on Jan. 7.

The yearly play is a fun and exciting way to observe talented kids who have a passion for acting and directing. Unfortunately, the play was canceled this year due to COVID-19. However, that didn’t stop the students from performing.

“Rehearsing online has its ups and downs,” junior Zander Barkemeyer said. “But it is sometimes easier because it allows you to try and develop a character without anybody watching so you don’t have to be embarrassed if the version you create isn’t the one you wanted at first.”

The students performing in the play have taken their online class time and try their best to rehearse in the online environment. Even though it may pose a challenge, they are still putting their best foot forward

“Communication is a lot harder, and sometimes it takes longer to get things done because we are online,” Barkemeyer said. “You’re either talking with everyone or no one, so it can prove to be a challenge sometimes.”

The students are preparing by going into breakout rooms and practicing one on one with the directors and the teacher to make the best version of their character they can get.

“Even though we’ve been practicing and rehearsing as much as we can, it’s still harder to portray all the emotions you would usually have in-person online,” junior Logan Boehm said.

To get the best version of the play, the students and their teacher will be rehearsing over Zoom after school to gain back the time they lost with the online learning environment. 

“I’m hoping to learn how to interpret new methods and all the different things that come with every scene like body language and emotion,” Barkemeyer said. “Which is why I’m glad that we still found a way to do a play. Even though it may be online, I’d say it’s better than nothing.”

The students are working hard to make the best version of the play they can while being online to keep the yearly play going, even though it may be significantly different from previous years.