De Soto choirs participate in district choir auditions


Ryan Johnson

Members of the 2019 district choir come together.

Natalie Nusz, Staff Reporter

De Soto High School choir students have recently participated in East Central District choir auditions. Students gathered at Olathe East High School to audition for the choir on Nov 9.   

“Students got their music in the summer and practice tracks that they could work on, so they had plenty of time to prepare. I tried to give them some tips for sight reading portion and give them as much information ahead of time,” choir teacher Mindy Fry said. 

The vocalists have time even prior to their audition to warm up their songs. The students competing sat in the Olathe East auditorium and practice their songs until their names were called to audition. 

“Once you get there and check in, you go into a big room in the auditorium, and they play the audition cuts for you. It was nice having a bit of time to warm up my voice a little more and get used to the cuts,” said senior choir student Ashlen Borewsow. 

The students begin the audition by performing two songs from their selected vocal part. The portion of the songs that the vocalists sing are announced a day prior to the audition. After this, a sight reading audition occurs where the vocalists must sight read the measures provided. 

“Even though we don’t know the cuts before the audition she [Fry] prepares us really well having us work really hard on the entirety of the selections we are auditioning with,” Boresow said. 

This year,16 kids were inducted into district choir, which is the most since Fry began teaching. Compared to the low amount of students chosen for district choir in years prior, it is clear the choir program is growing.  

“Last year was my first year auditioning for district choir and I was pretty nervous, but it ended up being a really fun experience. I also met a lot of really cool people who I still talk to,” junior Annie Winter said. 

Although district choir takes place on Dec. 7, the announcements for State choir will not occur until shortly after. The opportunity is open for all choir students this year, and would be a very fun experience for other choir students to consider for the future. 

“I would definitely recommend that others try to audition. It is a really good way to meet people and expand your musical knowledge,” Winter said.