Chiefs and Diamonds come together to choreograph competition routine

Members of the Diamonds dance team take a picture with the Kansas City Chief's cheerleaders ,after their choreography session.

Wildcat Photo

Members of the Diamonds dance team take a picture with the Kansas City Chief’s cheerleaders ,after their choreography session.

Natalie Nusz, Staff Reporter

On Sept 29,  The De Soto High School Diamonds Dance Team had a unique opportunity to work with two Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders named Ellie MacDonald and Tiffany Grazda. The cheerleaders helped them choreograph their competition routines.  

“They [MacDonald and Grazda] are closer to our age than what we are used to working with, so it was fun working with their high energy. They are very encouraging and uplifting, and it was a lot of fun to learn from them,” senior Ashlen Boresow said. 

The experience was one that not every dance team gets to have. The team members were very grateful for the distinguished opportunity. It also made team members feel confident about their place in the dance world. 

“It felt like we were heard, appreciated and good enough to do things that Kansas City cheerleaders do,” senior Claire Kennard said.  

The dance team worked efficiently to get the routine done. Because they were working with highly professional dancers, the team was pushed to work harder. They learned the dance quicker than usual, which helped them grow.  

“I think that was the fastest we’ve ever learned a full dance. The whole team was a little nervous before learning the choreography. We only had three hours of time blocked off to learn the whole dance, and we are used to working six hours or more on choreography days,” Boresow said  

Not only did the Chiefs cheerleaders push them to learn faster, but they also broadened their knowledge of dance genres.  

“It was a different style of pom that I’ve never really done before,” Kennard said.  “It was interesting to get into this different genre that we’ve never touched before.” 

The team is excited to perform their competition dance at their three competitions on Dec 14, Jan 18 and Jan 25. They may also occasionally perform this routine at football games. 

“I think we are going to have a good year and I am pretty confident about it. Having Chiefs cheerleaders come in helps you feel confident. They seemed like they believed in us, which helped,” Kennard said.