DHS theater features Annie as musical

Classic play Annie is DHS's 2019 fall musical

Annie cast members rehearse Act 1 Scene 2 after school on Sept. 17.

Sam Goins

Annie cast members rehearse Act 1 Scene 2 after school on Sept. 17.

Samantha Goins, Reporter

As fall begins, students start to come back to the familiar hallways of De Soto High School. School clubs, sports and activities roll around again, and everyone has to decide what excites them and what they want to be involved in.

As it turns out, many things have already begun to have good outcomes, including the DHS fall musical. The theater production this fall will be Annie. Returning senior Makenna Kerr is beyond ecstatic to be a part of it.

“I’ve known of Annie since I was really little,” Kerr said. “Over this last summer I was in the orchestra for it at Theatre in the Park, so I’m definitely excited to switch things up and have the chance to be on stage for the show instead of in the pit.”

Kerr isn’t the only one who is familiar with it. Sophomore Hannah Haden, auditioned on Thursday, Aug. 29 and thinks that the show will be a huge success.

Annie has been my all-time favorite movie most of my life,” Haden said. “I do think it will be a big turnout because Annie is a very popular musical.”

Not only is the cast excited for the musical, but they’re excited to be directed under theater teacher Sarah Cronkleton-Kidd and choir director Mindy Fry.

“They’re both very fun to be around and are here to help all of us grow in our acting,” Kerr said. “They’re constantly checking up on you to make sure everything’s okay in life, and they love you for who you are.”

Overall, theatrical productions at DHS are more family than club. Sophomore Madison Overturf is excited to be in the production, even if she just makes the chorus.

“It feels like an environment when you can just be yourself,” Overturf said. “It’s just fun, and we all enjoy each other’s company.”