new K-Pop club at De Soto high school


K-pop club,Smokebomb, perform a dance at the prom pep assembly on April 26.

Maddie Meehan, staff reporter

Smokebomb, De Soto High School’s K-pop dance group, became one of many student-led clubs in the 2018-19 school year. K-pop can be described as Korean pop and there are a variety of videos showcasing the dance style on the web.

Founders of Smokebomb, Grey Crist, Kenzie Largent and Pricilla Albarran, were all fans of K-pop style dance and decided to make a group revolved around it. .

“With K-pop, each song has choreography to it already and there’s a lot of videos online, like tutorials or dance practice videos, that the [K-pop] groups posts. So we just use their choreography,” Crist said.

Creating the group was a very simple task and they had it up and running in a few weeks.

“We [the founders of the club] talked to one of the counselors and they had us fill out a sheet and it was pretty simple. We thought it was going to be harder,” Crist said.

The group performed at the Prom assembly in April and proved to the students that they were not just a small club.

“It’s actually crazy that we performed during the assembly. When we first started, we did not expect to be dancing in front of the whole school,” Largent said. “At first we were having our posters being ripped down and being teased at the thought of a K-pop club and then we showed people that we are not to be underestimated.”

Largent loves the group and all the new friendships she has made while in the group and hopes to make more in her final years at DHS.

“I love my group and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve made so many new and awesome friends, and I hope that next year we will have more people who will want to join,” Largent said.

Smokebomb has recently started  social media accounts on Instagram (smoke_bomb._), Twitter (Smoke_Bomb_) and a YouTube channel (Smoke Bomb).