Video journalists create “The Green Pod” podcast

Hayley Moss, Arts/Entertainment Editor

    The newest, and perhaps most short-lived, addition to The Green Pride has been instituted by the hands of seniors Daniel Apple and Cody Murphy: The Green Pod. The podcast was created to spotlight feature interviews from staff and students of De Soto High School.

    The beginning of a new form of journalism for The Green Pride started with a text from editor-in-chief Sam Hubert.

    “I personally enjoy podcasts, and they’ve always been a way for me to listen to information while driving and that sort of stuff. So when Sam brought the idea up about having a podcast I was like ‘wow, that would actually be a really interesting idea so people could listen to different personalities at DHS in an easy-to-consume format,’” Murphy said.

    The podcast worked with many different personalities from DHS in order to encapsulate a variety of students.

   “It’s not really a news podcast,” Apple said. “Like with Daniel [Smith], we had him on [the podcast] after he won Mr. Wildcat—Mr. Wildcat is a big thing here at the school and raised a lot of money and just seems like a thing everyone seems to enjoy—so we wanted to cover that.”

    Similar to Apple, Murphy also wanted to make The Green Pod a place for others to realize the diversity of students at DHS.

    “We want to get people from all areas of the student body,” Murphy said.

    Hosts Apple and Murphys’ background in video editing has helped in the production of these episodes, making the process smoother overall.

         “My domain is more of the technological side; I deal with the editing of episodes and making sure that it sounds good and is all equalized with the intro music and everything,” Murphy said. “It’s an interesting process because I’ve never necessarily done anything like it before. I’ve done audio editing and stuff but it’s definitely a learning experience.”

    With the hosts having graduated, the legacy of The Green Pod has yet to be decided.

    “We haven’t officially decided anything, but what we’re leaning towards right now is just The Green Pod retiring … but we’ve built this up and made it our thing and it has become immersed in our personalities and who we are and the kind of things that we want to talk about, because it’s our podcast and ultimately we decide what we want to talk about,” Apple said. “We pick and choose because it’s not really news. It’s more of just like learning about the school and the community, so I think we’ve created a certain culture with the podcast where it just wouldn’t be the same for another person.”

    As for upcoming episodes, they have decided to incorporate a surprise as a finale to the show.

    “The graduation special will have a mystery guest, but the finale will just be us looking back on our career as both podcast hosts, video journalists and human beings,” Apple said.

    Although both Apple and Murphy have graduated, perhaps someone else can carry on the legacy of The Green Pod for years to come.