DHS students kick off their Sunday shoes in this year’s winter musical: Footloose

On Feb. 24, the cast gathers around senior Trace Harre during a scene where Ren learns the constraints the town has on teenagers.

Lauren Stanton

On Feb. 24, the cast gathers around senior Trace Harre during a scene where Ren learns the constraints the town has on teenagers.

Lauren Stanton, Staff Reporter

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De Soto High School’s theater program is presenting yet another iconic musical in this year’s winter production of Footloose.

Set in the 1980’s, this musical takes place in a small, rural town where dancing is against the law. A debate is started when Ren McCormack, a high schooler from Chicago, arrives in town and brings dancing with him. There is even more tension when Ren finds the reverend’s daughter, Ariel, attractive and uncovers her wild behavior.

Even though the musical is set in the past, the concept of fighting for a right can still relate to today’s society.

“I think if you have something to say, you should say it, and that’s what Ren chooses to do,” director Sarah Cronkleton-Kidd said.

McCormack is portrayed by senior Trace Harre in this year’s production.

According to Harre, playing Ren has been “challenging, yet fun” since Ren is a “rebel and sort of a ‘too cool for school’ kind of guy.”

In addition to challenges with portraying different characters, the cast and crew faced multiple hardships while creating this production.

“That flu at the beginning of the semester kind of knocked us out … half the kids gone and then when they came back the other half was gone,” Cronkleton-Kidd said.

With all the snow days and the flu, the cast had to spend a lot of time outside of rehearsal in order to learn their parts.

“You practice it [the songs] at home and keep learning the dances at home,” said senior Adriana Feener, who plays Vi Moore, Ariel’s mother and wife of the reverend.

The cast and crew has put a lot of time and energy into this show, especially during dress rehearsals.

“We try to polish the show as much as possible before opening night. I’m very proud of what we are putting on,” Harre said.

The show also features comedic scenes and characters such as Willard Hewitt who is portrayed by junior Devon Fornal.

“Anybody that is going to come see this show, he [Fornal] will have them rolling on the ground laughing,” Cronkleton-Kidd added.

The show will be held in the DHS Little Theatre and run from Thursday, Feb. 28 through Saturday, March 2.

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  • Sophomore Grey Crist, juniors Cameron Allen and Connor Cravens and senior Chase Nelson bust out a move in between scenes on Feb. 24 during a dress rehearsal.

  • Freshman Shelby Marquis and juniors Aspen Grieshaber and Ashlen Boresow dance during a trio at a dress rehearsal on Feb. 24.

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