DHS students prepare for the fall musical: Guys and Dolls

Junior Claire Kennard leads one of her choreographed dances in Guys and Dolls at practice on Oct. 5.

Justine Wheeler

Junior Claire Kennard leads one of her choreographed dances in Guys and Dolls at practice on Oct. 5.

Justine Wheeler, Feature Editor

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De Soto High School’s musical cast is working hard to prepare for the fall musical this year titled Guys and Dolls.

Set in 1930’s New York City, the musical comedy is about an illegal traveling craps game, which is a fast-paced casino game. The story continues on with a spiral of comedic events.

The showings will be held at DHS on Nov. 7-11, with the exception of Nov. 9.

This year’s cast has been rehearsing every day after school for around two to three hours.

At this point, the cast has already learned almost everything for the show, and they are rehearsing each scene as much as possible.  

Junior Claire Kennard plays Adelaide, who is a hot box dancer. She is excited about “pretty much everything.”

“It is such a fun show, there’s a lot of exciting dances and I get to speak in an [New York] accent the whole time,” Kennard said.

Kennard says she enjoys doing the musical because the cast begins to feel like a family.

Junior Ashlen Boresow’s character is Sarah Brown, an uptight religious woman who works with the Mission. She really enjoys acting at DHS.

“I love the people I get to work with, especially the people I wouldn’t typically get to see or be with,” Boresow said.

According to Kennard, the cast is doing a really good job of supporting each other this year.

“There are difficult parts in this show, and it’s a challenge for a lot of people, but we all support each other even when we’re struggling, which helps us get through it,” Kennard explained.

With senior Peyton Hadley as the student director for the musical, and the student-led choreographed dances, the show is largely run by DHS students.

With so much student involvement in the making of the show, Boresow is proud to be a part of Guys and Dolls.

“It’s a really cool process to see a show come together,” Boresow said. “So the more people that can come and see it, the better.”

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