Band and choir receive high ratings at state festival

The De Soto clarinet choir poses for a photo at the State Festival on April 28.

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The De Soto clarinet choir poses for a photo at the State Festival on April 28.

Justine Wheeler , Staff Reporter

De Soto High School travelled to the Band and Choir State Festival which was held at Emporia High School on April 28.

There were 24 band members who received a 1 rating, which means ‘Outstanding.’

De Soto Voce and four DHS soloists also received a 1 rating at the festival.

Sophomore Lauren Stanton performed in a clarinet choir along with 12 other clarinets, including bass clarinets. Their ensemble received a 1 rating.

“During our performance, we really hit the dynamics well. Our balance and sound was amazing. I really enjoyed going to State and the experience,” Stanton said.

Stanton claims her ensemble pulled out their best performance yet at State, and that afterwards she walked out of the performance room feeling confident.

Preparing for State took hard work, as Stanton’s ensemble practiced almost everyday.

“It [performing] felt amazing. We had practiced so much, and to get a 1 meant that all our hard work had paid off,” Stanton said. “I was so proud of all of us and what we had accomplished.”  

Sophomore Katelyn Marti performed in a brass quintet at State along with senior Trenton Biggerstaff, senior Emily Davis, junior Daniel Searcy and junior Savannah Stine. They received a 1 rating as well.

“I got to be in an ensemble with four amazing musicians who really worked hard and wanted to succeed,” Marti said.

Marti enjoyed performing at State and claims it was a cool experience and a lot of fun.

The DHS band and choir worked hard all year, and the work finally paid off after their ‘Outstanding’ State performance.