DHS honor choir holds auditions for 2017-18 school year

Junior Conner Strouse sings a scale for his De Soto Voce audition on March 1.

Emma Bascom

Junior Conner Strouse sings a scale for his De Soto Voce audition on March 1.

Emma Bascom, Editor in Chief

Last week, director of the De Soto High School choir, Mindy Fry, held auditions where students could attempt to make the honor choir, De Soto Voce, for the 2017-18 school year.

Fry had students sing the melody of the Star Spangled Banner, and My Country Tis of Thee for the auditions.

“The funny thing is that I realized there are a lot of kids who do not know our national anthem, or the super patriotic My Country Tis of Thee,” Fry said. “So, if anything, I feel good that they at least were exposed to that song because it’s important to the history of our country to know those.”

In years past, students have been able to pick whatever song they want to audition with. However, Fry decided that it was important to change this style of auditioning.

“I think in the past they’ve been able to pick a song of their choosing, and students don’t always know what type of song best reflects their abilities. So, I wanted to pick something that would showcase all of their voices,” Fry said.

Junior Bailey Canant is currently in De Soto Voce and just auditioned for next year’s choir. Canant believed that the songs Fry chose were good selections for the auditions.

“I think the songs were really great options because they are both songs that everyone knows and they are the best songs to be able to see someone’s vocal abilities,” Canant said.

Though Fry is excited for next year’s Voce group, a new year will be bittersweet because of the seniors that are leaving the choir.

“I’m pretty excited about next year’s class, but I will certainly miss this group of seniors. They have been fabulous,” Fry said.

Canant agrees, saying “I’m really excited for next year’s group, but we are going to face a bit of a struggle with all the seniors leaving.”

Fry also believes that she has learned from these auditions and understands how to better the process for next year.

“I don’t think there’s any such thing as a perfect audition process because you’re always going to need more information when you’re done because there are those kids who are really close or on the bubble,” Fry said. “I will be tweaking as I go and trying to make it better.”

Fry is unsure as to when the final list of who has been accepted into Voce will be posted, but is glad that the process is finally complete.

“Auditions are stressful, and I love all kids,” Fry joked.