DHS students prepare for Grease Auditions

Rylee Wilson, Arts Editor

Auditions for the DHS fall musical, Grease, are taking place the week of Aug. 29. The audition and casting process is undergoing a few changes this year. Students now have a set selection of songs they must pick from to sing for vocal auditions, whereas in the past students could sing any song of their choice.

“The reason we’re having everybody sing the same two songs is that we’re comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges,” vocal director Mindy Fry said. “When we had everybody pick their own song, you would get such a wide variety of different types of songs that it was hard to compare voices, so this will allow us to be more consistent with casting and it will be more fair and hopefully easier on students since we took some of the guesswork out of it.”

Fry previously directed the musicals at Mill Creek Middle School, and this is her first year at DHS.

“I really am enjoying the higher talent level in high school, the sense of responsibility and ownership that the students have, and just a range of musicals that we’re able to do that we didn’t have access to in middle school,” Fry said.

Since the size of the musical program has grown significantly in the past few years, the ensemble will be split into two groups, with each group performing two shows, allowing more students to participate.

While all students who want to participate in the show are required to attend the dance audition, vocal auditions are only required for those who want to be considered for lead roles.

Junior Sam McGuire is preparing for his first vocal audition.

“I did the musical last year. It was my first year and I really liked the experience and the people. I had a fun time exploring a new part of myself and I’m excited to do it again this year, hopefully with a bigger role,” McGuire said.

Many students are dealing with nerves before their auditions.

“I’m not worried about the dancing, that’s not a problem. I’m worried about going in there and not being nervous and being able to act while I sing,” junior Kierstyn Mascareno said.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the choice of this year’s musical.

“I’ve been waiting for the musical to be Grease forever. I think it’ll be really fun,” junior Kennedy Forshey said.

McGuire is excited for Grease as well.

“I love Grease, I think the era is a peak America kind of thing with culture, and I’m excited to be doing a show that’s set in that time period,” McGuire said.