Dance teams last performance


Junior Kelsey Vila preforming at Baldwin Cheer and Dance Festival.

Ellie Fowks, Staff Reporter

After a long year of performances, the De Soto High School Diamonds dance team put on one of their last shows on April 13, at DHS.

The Diamonds are very proud of all that they have achieved this year and happy to be able to put on another performance together.

The show included dances from all of the girls with many group, duet and solo routines and special performances from other DHS students.

“I think [the spring show] went really well,” freshman Emma Leonard said. “It was a great way to end the season.”

Over the course of the year, they were able to compete and place at several competitions, including winning first in the small school division at Nationals in Denton, Texas.

“Going to Denton together and all the steps it took to get there made our team so much closer,” freshman Olivia Mills said. “Winning Nationals just put the cherry on top of the cake.”

The team claims that none of this would have been made possible without the instruction of their coaches Mckenzi Crow and Emily Thayer.

“The coaches have inspired in the team the kind of motivation and dedication only very talented coaches can,” said senior dance team captain Kelsey Mills. “I have had the privilege of being their dancer for the past four years, and both coach Crow and coach Thayer have been the most incredible role model for me to look up to.”

Most girls can agree that saying goodbye to the team that they’ve spent so much time with this past year will be the hardest part about the season ending.

“I enjoyed every part of [the dance season],” Leonard said. “Although, the thing that I loved the most was getting to know the team and bonding with them.”

For seniors Kelsey Mills and Christa Stenzel this was their last year preforming as a diamond. Kelsey said that it will be very hard to leave all of this behind, but she is excited for what’s ahead.

“I auditioned as a dance instructor at camps like the ones the Diamonds go to and was hired for this next summer,” Kelsey said. “I am so excited to get to teach high school dancers and travel all over with other girls who love to dance as much as I do.”

Despite that this season is ending, tryouts for the 2016-17 team will be held in May, and the returning members have high hopes for the next year.

“It makes me feel satisfied because we accomplished such a great year as a team,” Olivia said. “I’m excited for my future years as a Diamond.”