Choir department works with well-renowned opera singer

Singer Jeff Beruan poses for a shot.

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Singer Jeff Beruan poses for a shot.

Paden Bedford, Staff Reporter

The De Soto High School Madrigals and Choir classes worked with well-renowned opera singer Jeff Beruan from Tues. March 29 to Fri. April 1.

Beruan stopped at DHS during a break in his theatrical tour not just to work with the Madrigals, but to catch up with his former high school music teacher Mary Etta Copeland.

“Mary Etta was my choir teacher here at DHS, and I know that she’s retiring this year, and I had time before my next opera, so I thought I’d come back,” Beruan said. “I know that it’s around solo and ensemble time, so I figured this would be a great time to come and offer my expertise.”

Beruan has been involved in over 20 operas all over the United States, with his favorite being Faust, a French opera consisting of five different acts in which he plays Mephistopheles, the Devil.

Sophomore Justin Gammon thought having Beruan come and help was very beneficial.

“It was awesome having [Jeff] come and help us out,” Gammon said. “We knew that the Madrigals could use help on our competition song, so it was fantastic having him around to help.”

Although he wasn’t around the Madrigals for too long, Beruan’s help was very beneficial to the Madrigals.

“He taught us to be more theatrical with our singing, and not to just be choir kids,” Gammon said. “He taught us how to keep the audience interested in our song instead of just singing. It’s like we’re putting on a show.”

Beruan hopes to inspire others to keep doing what they love to do, and to always give 100%.

“Knowing that my love for the music and my love for getting to do things like help others, it makes me enjoy what I do,” Beruan said. “Hopefully when people hear me sing, they find the joy of singing as well.”