The Night of January 16th


Sophomore Ben Pickert (District Attorney Flint) interrogates Junior Sydney Hoover (Karen Andre) at a dress rehearsal on Feb. 29.

Ellie Fowks, Staff Reporter

For months, De Soto High school students have worked hard to prepare for the play, The Night of January 16th, which was held at DHS on March 2 – 5.

The play, directed by Jason Hagg, takes place in a courtroom setting and select audience members are chosen to be the jury. The jury can decide if the accused are guilty or innocent, giving the play multiple outcomes.

Although everyone has dedicated a lot of time and energy towards it, they say that it has been an awesome experience. Many members agree that the best part about being in The Night of January 16th is all of the other students that they had the opportunity to work with.

“I really like the people who are in the play,” freshman Clara Sloan said. “It’s not hard to fit in and it’s easy to be myself.”

Despite the actors enjoying preparing for the show, they say it hasn’t been all fun and games. They started practice soon after winter break and have committed countless hours putting it together.

According to cast members, all of the rehearsals have been in preparation so that they could achieve their main goal of walking off the stage feeling proud of their performance.

“I just really want people to know that De Soto can do theater,” junior Paden Bedford said.

The first showing of The Night of January 16th was on March 2 and play members say it went exactly as they had wanted it to.

“Everyone was really focused,” Sloan said “I think the audience was really shocked by how much effort we put into it.”

Cast members said that for the rest of the performances they plan on doing even better.

Everyone involved in the winter play has put in a lot of work in this season to have a great performance and are very pleased with where all their efforts have gone.