Students compete in Mr. Wildcat


Former Mr. Wildcat Evan Sullivan and current Mr. Wildcat Connor Strouse celebrate Strouse's win at the pageant on Feb. 17. Photo by Rex Templin.

Rylee Wilson, Staff Reporter

The annual Mr. Wildcat competition took place on Feb. 17. Sophomore Connor Strouse was crowned the winner. 1st runner up was Cooper Lee and second runner up was Lucas Johnson. Cooper Lee and Colton Pasquale were both awarded the Mr. Congeniality awards.

The contestants participated in sportswear, talent and eveningwear portions of the competition.

Strouse led the audience in a lesson on the art of “broga” (bro-yoga) for his talent performance.

“I went to a Younglife trip this summer and there was a version of it there, and I decided to do my own twist on it, I wore leggings and added screaming,” Strouse said, “a big part of it was trying to find something that was insanely different.”

Junior Ryan Wollum also competed in Mr. Wildcat. He performed a dance to Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy”.

“I developed it with the help of Kelsey Mills, I practiced at home as well, memorizing lyrics and adding other touches,” Wollum said.

Both Strouse and Wollum enjoyed sharing their talents with the audience.

“It was a really good experience, all of the contestants were really fun,” Wollum said.

Strouse dealt with nerves before going onstage.

“The second I got out there, my heart was beating fast, but once I got my first couple laughs, it made me want to keep going, it was so much fun,” Strouse said.

The show also featured talent acts from DHS students who did not compete in the pageant.

Sophomore Katie Dosset performed the song “Feeling Good,” featuring a rap from Junior Ke’mana Ka’anapu.

“[Perfoming] was really cool because I’ve never really sang in front of the school, so I was nervous at first, but when I got on stage, it was really fun and everyone was cheering,” Dosset said.

The Mr. Wildcat contestants appreciated the talents of their fellow students.

“[My favorite part] was Kennedy Forshey’s singing and Ke’mana’s performance. Listening to that stuff was awesome,” Strouse said.

Strouse has big aspirations with his new title as Mr. Wildcat.

“I’m going to take over duties as the principal of this high school,” Strouse said.