Seven Brides for Seven Brothers musical update


Rachael Hopkins, Staff Reporter

This year’s musical was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

The musicals last dress rehearsal was on Nov. 10. The opening day was Nov. 11 and the show went through Nov. 14.

The show had a very diverse cast list consisting of brides, brothers, lumbermen, and chorus/featured dancers.

Many members of the cast had favorite parts of preparing for the musical.

Sophomore Camille Poulain played one of the seven brides named Dorcas.

“My favorite part is seeing everyone dressed up in costume.  We all look so different than we normally do with our costumes and makeup on,” Poulain said.

Along with favorite parts many cast members like junior Paden Bedford agreed that there are also difficult parts of preparing for the musical.

“The most stressful part of the musical is trying to learn your lines and making sure that everything fits together in all the dances and scenes,” Bedford said.

According to sophomore Jack Torline the cast had a difficult time with the last dress rehearsal but came together by the beginning of opening night.

“The show has been going a lot better than I was thinking it would go,” Torline said.

Junior Katey Hinds who plays a bride named Alice agreed,

“I think it was really rough at first but now that we are in show week, we have gotten performance ready,” Hinds said. “At our first performance we came together really well and I knew we were going to pull it off all right. We are good to go now.”

Even with all the difficulties of show week, the cast and crew members still aim to find the bright side and have fun no matter what the situation may be.

“Being in the show is stressful but in the end it is all worth it because you actually get to showcase what you’ve worked on for a very long time. Also you get to show people a different side of you,” Bedford said.

The shows cast enjoyed the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers production and looks forward to next year’s musical.