Playing for Keeps should not be kept in theaters

Playing for Keeps should not be kept in theaters

Playing for Keeps – FilmDistrict

Kelsea Burns, staff reporter

Many De Soto High School students will be deciding what they should do with the weekend ahead of them. There are several things that they should not do such as stealing children, kicking puppies or seeing the movie Playing for Keeps.

This so-called “romantic comedy” starring Gerard Butler as George Dryer and Jessica Biel as his ex-wife, Stacie, came out on Dec. 7, and it was probably one of the worst movies I have seen.

The story line was predictable and the fact that this movie was even filmed was an embarrassment. It was almost as if the screenwriters didn’t know where they were taking the plot.

The movie follows the life of George Dryer, a down-on-his-luck soccer player, who had moved back to Virginia to win back the love of his ex-wife and reestablish a relationship with his son. Dryer begins to coach his son’s soccer team and eventually becomes the target of the team’s soccer moms’ amorous advances. One of the women even crawls into his bed and begins stripping off all of her clothing.

Romantic comedies need several key components to be considered good in my book, all of which were severely lacking. There was no chemistry between, well, anyone. Even the soccer moms who throw themselves at Dryer seemed incredibly awkward while doing so.

A romantic comedy also requires humorous content. While this movie could have been seen as funny in very brief moments, you would have to be able to stay awake in order to laugh at it. If anyone laughed while watching it, they would probably be laughing at the drool coming out of the corner of their date’s mouth as they snore away.

Admittedly, the actors and actresses did the best they could with what they were given. The writers gave them lemons, and they made lemonade. It was arguably the worst lemonade ever made but lemonade nonetheless.

The underdeveloped, unoriginal plot was pathetic, and the characters were unbelievably flat. This movie isn’t even worth the $1 Redbox rental. Don’t waste your precious time and money on this movie.