Rumors a funny hit with Little Theatre audiences


Seniors Courtney Goodin (Chris Gorman) and James Newton (Officer Pudney), junior Cody Phillips (Ernie Cusak) and sophomore Erick Sherman (Ken Gorman) perform in DHS’ production of Rumors. The play was a hit among audience members.

Kelsea Burns, Staff Reporter

Every year De Soto High School students involved in theater show that they know how to put on a fantastic show. With the performance of Neil Simon’s Rumors, this year was no different.

The play followed the story of several wealthy couples that attend a dinner party where they arrived and found the house in chaos. After the guests learn that the host had shot himself in the ear and the hostess was missing, they try to hide the night’s events from the media, the police and even each other.

“I thought we did really well,” said sophomore Erick Sherman, who played Ken, the first person who arrived at the dinner party, and was the only underclassman in the play. “It was somewhat of a rough start but we improvised it so it was [funnier] than the script.”

The seniors in the cast of Rumors included Kathleen Allman, Lindsay Everson, Courtney Goodin, Nick Hall and James Newton. The juniors in the play were Makenzie Hill, Cody Phillips and Maddie Torline. The only sophomore in the play was Sherman.

The show received great reviews from audience members who claimed that it was “exceptional,” “hilarious” and a “wonderful performance.”

Many members of the audience laughed throughout the play.

“The performance was amazing. I heard after the show that they improvised a lot, and I could not even tell,” sophomore Kelista McGraw said after seeing the show on Nov. 9. “It was hilarious in every single way. I liked the way it all wrapped up in the end and how everything connected from the beginning to the end. It totally exceeded my expectations.”

Sophomore Jessi James agreed with McGraw.

“I didn’t know it was going to be as good as it was,” she said. “I loved it.”