The Green Pride


The De Soto High School Green Pride is a publication that strives to provide information about the events at DHS to its students and to members of the community. The printed version is a monthly publication and news updates are made to the Web site daily.


The editorial policy of The Green Pride is (1) Letters to the Editor must be typed, signed, and less than 300 words in order to be published and (2) the staff reserves the right to edit all copy. OPINIONS EXPRESSED in The Green Pride do not necessarily represent the opinions of The Green Pride Staff, De Soto High School, the DHS administration or the De Soto Unified School District #232 Board of Education.


Kansas Senate Bill 62 guarantees the same rights for student journalists as are given to professionals. These rights include, but are not limited to, all First Amendment rights, including the right of freedom of expression, insofar as published items may not contain libelous, slanderous or obscene statements, may not incite or promote illegal conduct, and may not cause a substantial disruption to normal school activity. This bill does not allow the adviser, administrators or any other faculty to censor the paper in any way.

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